Free crypto botFinancial markets are a place of great opportunities, it is probably hard to find a place where you can legally earn big money. But, unfortunately, most strategies that provide good profit potential cannot be replicated by hand.

This is exactly what algotrading is designed for – in addition to providing round-the-clock work, algo trading guarantees the absence of the influence of emotions on the results (which leads to losses for most traders).

Stop wasting your time on trading, let your faithful and high-quality trading robot do it!

Free Crypto Bot

Free trading botCrypto bot is probably the only project that provides free trading bots! The first thought that comes to traders is “Something is wrong here“.

But in fact, it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN scheme for everyone, let me explain:

  • The trader receives a trading robot and makes a profit from trading
  • The exchange receives profit in the form of commissions from trader’s trading transactions
  • The crypto bot project receives a part of the trading commission from the exchange (affiliate programs)

Everything is transparent and free, no hidden fees or sales! Moreover, there are chat rooms for traders who trade with crypto bots where they can get support or communicate with other algo traders.

AlgoTrading and Crypto Bots

Order a crypto botI am an expert in algotrading – I wrote the first trading bot back in 2008, and since 2016 I have been working professionally in an algotrading company (until I started working for myself). Besides, algorithmic trading is also my hobby!

Therefore, if you have an idea for a trading bot – I can implement it! Each order of a trading bot comes with a guarantee and high-quality free technical support. Including the ability to get the source code of a trading robot.


For convenient navigation on the project site, project has the following structure:

Structure of trading robot

  • In the “Trading bots” section, you can find ready solutions for trading. These bots were created on the basis of popular requests for private orders of cryptobots
  • In the “Blog” section, useful articles,  my portfolio, project news or events are published. All posts are exclusively thematic!
  • The section “Order a trading bot” describes how you can order a closed bot for your technical task
  • In the “Discounts” section, you can find links with commission discounts and other bonuses from exchanges or other thematic organizations. Remember, the money saved on the commission is your profit.
  • And the last section is “Contact“. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact me using the contacts listed in this section.


Don’t postpone your financial future until later – start earning today!