Аctive Аverager Trading Bot for Binance Exchange

Аctive Аverager Trading Bot for Binance Exchange

Active Averager trading bot is designed to trade using an averaging strategy or also known as a grid trading strategy. The bot has a wide range of settings and you can easily set your own parameters. The trading bot has a fairly simple logic. It opens a deal by opening the position chosen by a trader. At the moment there are 6 methods of entering, and each specific method can be customized – separately for longs and separately for shorts.

After opening the position, the bot can execute buy orders according to its parameters. You can set up buy/sell orders, multiplier and martingale steps. Also, the grid trading bot provides Take Profit, Stop Loss, and/or Trailing Stop parameters, which can be adjusted for each pair.

Each pair is configured according to its individual settings. The Binance trading bot has preset settings, it is reliable and very easy to use.

You can choose your own settings. The scripts for TSLab are here. Because of the scripts distributed as containers, make sure you unpack files from the Handlers2.1.zip archive (in the folder with containers) to the C:\ Program Files\TSLab\TSLab 2.1\Handlers folder (or to another place where TSLab is installed). If the Handlers folder is not there, you need to create it.

To get support with bot settings, join our Group Chat. These settings are publicly available.

Read more about the Binance Futures trading bot in the instruction or watch the video:

The Binance grid trading bot is completely autonomous (it requires only installation and configuration). Trades are executed without manual intervention (resistance to the Internet disconnection and connection issues with the exchange, etc. is implemented in the Binance bot). The bot is adapted for trading either using your computer or a remote server (Windows OS).

Active Averager is absolutely FREE

Basics. To start trading with a free bot, follow the link and download the archive. Unpack all files from the archive to a folder, and launch the bot from there. Password for the archive with bots – algo. Enter the API keys in the bot and launch it. The bot is adapted for trading either using a remote server (recommended) or your computer. Enter the API keys in the bot and launch it. During the activation process the bot checks the account whether it is available for free trading or not. The details on opening an account for each exchange are below.

As for the API keys, make sure trading operations and access to the futures section are enabled and funds withdrawal is disabled for security reasons.

Account requirements. To access the bot, you must register using the project partner link https://www.binance.com/ru/futures/ref/algo.
All Binance bots will be available through this link. Also, you will receive an additional 10% discount on the fee.

When connecting, the bot independently checks the account whether it is available for free trade or not. Therefore, you do not need to contact support for permission, license, etc., just download, unpacked, launched and make a profit.


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