Arbitrage bot pool


Greetings, dear trader!

We offer you to join the pool for the development of the trading bot “Advanced Arbitrage” for the OKX exchange futures contracts.

Who has not worked with us before I will explain what a pool is. A pool is a joint development. A certain number of seats are allocated for this, and regretful traders can participate. To do this, the trader makes a contribution and a copy of the trading bot is assigned to him. Thus, the trader gets a powerful product at a cost that is incommensurate with the full cost of development.

How the bot will operate is described in the terms of reference>>>

The bot’s package includes:

  • The trading bot itself – with functionality in Russian and English
  • Instruction manual in Russian and English
  • Video overview of how to use the trading bot
  • Trader’s support (it is enough to understand the bot)
  • Annual warranty on the bot

This bot has an extended warranty, a minimum of 1 year (for comparison, the standard for other products – a minimum of 1 month). This is absolutely enough to check the functionality (as a rule, a week or two all the nuances are found and eliminated). But we will trade this bot with the project’s money, so that the bot will be relevant all the time.

Another important factor is that each participant will receive support personally from me (Michael)! Free bot support chat will not serve pool participants.

The cost of participation in the “Advanced Arbitrage”bot development pool isĀ  495 USDT

You can apply to the pool starting from today! The number of seats, as always – is limited, but in order not to create an artificial frenzy on it, we will not name the figure.
Application deadline is June 1, 2022

To join the pool, send me a message on my Telegram (but not in the chat for traders and free bot support, all messages to the chat will be ignored). In a message, write how you want to make the transfer, I will give you a purse (subject to availability).

Direct start of bot development – May 07, 2022

Finish of work (with the transfer of the bot kit) – June 11, 2022

Bot created to run on Windows (local or remote server). I must clarify at once – the bot will be tamper-proof, and this protection can scold anti-viruses (just like all other bots). Therefore, I recommend installing the bot on a remote server.

If you still have questions about development or the pool – contact me, I will gladly answer you. But before that, take a look at the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many bots can I run after I get my own copy of the bot?
Each trader gets 1 lifetime license for the bot. If you need additional license, you can buy one more at 20% discount. If you represent a group of traders, let me know and we will consider giving you a bulk discount.

What should I do if I want to change the account the bot is tied to?
You contact me, and once a month, during the warranty period – I will re-tie your bot for free. After the end of the guarantee, or during the guarantee more than once a month – it costs 25 USDT.

I get the sources of the trading bot?
No, the sources of the bot is not provided. Copyright of bot remains for project.

Will I have settings for the bot?
The bot will contain some basic settings – we will run the bot using these settings.

Will there be scripts for TSLab?
No, there will be no scripts.

And if the bot “breaks” after the warranty?
As long as the bot is under warranty, all bugs will be fixed without any extra charge. But most importantly, this bot will also be traded by us – it will be constantly updated. Secondly, okx has a stable API, which changes very rarely, so there should be no need.

Will I be able to get a refund if I change my mind about participating in the pool?
There are no refunds because the number of spots is limited – take joining the pool seriously!

If there are several bots that are the same, will they compete with each other?
No, they won’t. Running the bot at least a minute later, the calculation of bots will already be different (the starting point will change, and accordingly, the entry / exit position – even for arbitrage). Also, the bot is working with limit orders during the buyout, i.e. they are not moving the markets. Also – OKX futures have very high liquidity.

Will the bot work under MAC?
No, the bot is developed exclusively for Windows.

And if there is only one member of the pool, will you develop it? It will not be profitable for you.
The bot will be developed in any case, even if there is no one member of the pool. This bot is interesting to start project for money.



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