Binance Futures MultiPair Bot

Binance Futures MultiPair Bot

Binance MultiPair trading bot is designed to trade a pair trading strategy. The bot is based on one of the types of market neutral strategies, namely, pair trading. The prefix ‘multi’ in the bot’s name means that the bot can simultaneously trade any number of such pairs.

Binance Futures MultiPair Bot

Due to the fact that the settlement currency of the contracts on Binance exchange is USDT, we get crypto/fiat currency pairs, which already provides a sufficient correlation for paired trades. Secondly, a trader is provided with a constant flow of profit since many such chains of pairs can be traded in the bot. This is related to the fact that there is no correlation between chains of pairs, and while a bot executes a transaction in one chain, a profit can be already recorded in the other transaction. Thus, compound interest does its effective work (enables you to earn interest on interest along with the capital).

In this case, the more such paired transactions (chains) are traded in the bot, the smoother the yield curve will be because drawdowns will be leveled off by a large number of simultaneously traded pairs. Low drawdowns enable a trader to use trading capital more efficiently, namely, greater  leverage. Together, all this synergistically accelerates the growth of the trade deposit.

A pair trading strategy in the bot is built according to a simple market-neutral algorithm – we consider the rates ratio of two pairs but not the rates difference. In this case it is not necessary to constantly recalculate the coefficients to balance pairs. This, in turn, makes strategy testing and parameters selection as accurate as possible.

After a graph of an exchange rates ratio is built, two moving averages (a short-term and a long-term one) are plotted on it. When one moving average crosses over one another, the bot enters a convergence pairs trade (since we have a market neutral position with a good correlation and convergence). This is how it looks on the graph:

Binance Futures MultiPair Bot

The bot has a wide range of settings which makes it possible to customize the bot for the best results and increase trading efficiency. More detailed information about the strategy is available on the ‘MultiPair Trading Strategy for Binance’. Interface settings are described in the instructions for the bot, as well as in the video:


If you have any questions about the bot, you can always contact our Support Chat. There you can chat with other traders, discuss questions, exchange settings and learn about new products and updates immediately after the release.

Binance Futures MultiPair Bot IS ABSOLUTELY FREE

Basics. To start trading with a free bot, follow the link and download the archive. Unpack all files from the archive to a folder, and launch the bot from there. Password for the archive with bots – algo. Enter the API keys in the bot and launch it. The bot is adapted for trading either using a remote server (recommended) or your computer. Enter the API keys in the bot and launch it. During the activation process the bot checks the account whether it is available for free trading or not. The details on opening an account for each exchange are below.

As for the API keys, make sure trading operations and access to the futures section are enabled and funds withdrawal is disabled for security reasons.

Account requirements. To access the bot, you must register using the project partner link
All Binance bots will be available through this link. Also, you will receive an additional 10% discount on the fee.

When connecting, the bot independently checks the account whether it is available for free trade or not. Therefore, you do not need to contact support for permission, license, etc., just download, unpacked, launched and make a profit.




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