Crypto Asset Trust Management

Crypto Asset Trust Management

Our team offers you a beneficial asset management trust for Binance, Bitmex and FTX exchanges.

The advantages you gain:

  • profitable, reliable and well-tried crypto bots that we use for trading our personal cryptocurrency assets;
  • no need to transfer money to our accounts – all assets are on your personal/corporate account or on the PAMM platform;
  • trading via API keys – we don’t need access to your personal account;
  • professional bot management, which is carried out by experienced algotraders;
  • fully passive investment – investors just withdraw earnings on their investments.

We have two asset management methods available – PAMM or individual asset management.

Crypto PAMM Investment

PAMM accounts work as a pool platform (Equite in our case) that provides tools for investing. All funds, both ours and investors, are under our management. We only have API keys which are used by the bot to execute a trade. PAMM works with Bianace exchange (USDT-futures).

The conditions are as follows:

  • minimum investment of 500 USDT,
  • profit distribution: the investor receives 60%, the manager – 25%, the PAMM platform – 15%,
  • profit-sharing period is every 7 days,
  • the bot which executes a trade on the account is Range Scalper.

Below you can see an account statistics widget. You can invest there as well:


Individual asset management

Individual trust management is perfect for mid and large investors. Trading is carried out exclusively on the investor’s account via API keys with permission only for trading.

The requirements for individual asset management are as follows:

  • a minimum amount of 1 BTC (for Bitmex bots) or 50,000 USDT (for Binance or FTX exchanges),
  • profit distribution: 80% goes to the investor and 20% to the manager; If the deposit amount is 5 BTC or 250,000 USDT, the distribution is 90/10 (in favor of the investor),
  • profit distribution is carried out every Monday.

If an investor opens an account using our partner link (for Binance or FTX), our management fee is reduced by 25% (in favor of the investor).

Also, the investor can choose aggressiveness/conservatism of trading settings, which is different from our basic ones.

A wider range of bots is available for individual investment:

By opting for an individual asset management method, the investor confirms that he/she understands the risks that may arise in trading and asset management.

If you have any questions regarding trust management of the asset, you may contact us or ask your question in our Group Chat.

Please remember. If someone contacts you first offering to manage your assets and asking to transfer money, they must be scammers. We never write first and never transfer clients’ funds to our accounts. Our service is absolutely safe.




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