Are you interested in arbitration? And what are we doing now?

Welcome dear traders and investors!

The period of the New Year and Christmas holidays has come to an end, and we are fully continuing to work. Let’s tell us what we are doing now and the order of action.

Soon we will issue an index Arbitration trading bot with two-way trade (in hedge mode), there will be trade of all pairs included in the DEFI index against the index itself. At the moment, this version is already ready, and is undergoing thorough tests so that after launch there are no nuances. So, in the near future the bot will be available.

The next is to upgrade the Active Averager. There is actually everything to do from scratch, but it is worth it – there are many worthwhile ideas that need to be implemented.

And then according to the plan – either the revision of the Multi-Pair bot, or first a new free arbitration bot (depends on the level of your interest). But first you need to find out if you have any interest in developing another arbitration bot.

So, according to the new idea, this is arbitration between instruments in Binance futures – USDT futures, and COIN futures. Now there are many trading pairs on Binance futures that can be traded according to the arbitration strategy (from 2 to 5 contracts for the same asset) and the liquidity of contracts is very high.

We used to consider the possibility of creating an arbitrator between Binance and Bitmex, but this inter-exchange trade will be costly, since sometimes it will be necessary to transfer from exchange to exchange. Yes, and the commission on bitmex is higher, and much more.

Therefore, we want to know whether there is interest in such a bot or not. And if there is, then how much (to find out the order of development), for this I ask you to vote:

Are you interested in developing a new bot for arbitration between instruments in Binance futures - USDT futures, and COIN futures?
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