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Greetings to you, dear traders and investors!

At the moment, we are continuing to develop a bot for copying signals with Tradingview, since the volume of work has come out more than we expected, we will try to release on this week, if not all, then the main exchanges will be in the bot. The main delay came with the server – so that it is fast and trouble-free, and also, we create a universal API so that you can connect exchanges (also, this IPA will be used in the strategy designer).

Thanks to your voices, we have identified the most interesting areas – namely, USDT futures and spot, and there is almost no interest in margin trading and COIN collateral. Although, COIN-backed futures are possible.

The procedure for connecting exchanges will be as follows. First of all, FTX and Binance USDT futures, followed by Binance and Bybit spot. Bybit had to move to the end of development, since their APIs at one point can create a delay in processing, but the exchange replied that it would consider adding the necessary methods. And, as they wrote above, there may also be COIN-backed futures.

What is already there. A fully configured server and configured server software. A universal API for exchanges has been created and tested, as well as the Binance USDT-Futures API is fully connected to it, and most of the FTX (also, a significant part of the Bybit API has been written, but its work has been stopped, the reason is higher). So we can confidently confirm that the bot will be ready next week.

According to the bot itself, the functionality was made flexible, i.e. the bot not only buys, sells and leaves the position, but also supports turning positions (from long to short and from short to long), leaving the position in parts and procurement/pre-sales (taking into account the size of the procurement in the script, i.e. exact correspondence – equal volume, martingale or any other formulas).

The second part of flexibility is in controlling the strategy in the bot itself. You can, for example, only allow purchases, only sales, or only exit a part. Also, the bot has its own management – the trader himself indicates what% of the deposit to work. As well as risk management – in the bot you can indicate a teak profile and stop loss regardless of strategy (but you can also turn it off), this is important – there is protection from emergency situations and a complete lack of slippage, as well as faster execution (if you set, like duplication of foot/teak from the strategy for trading vue).

If there are suggestions for functionality, write to the support chat. It does not guarantee that it will be immediately added to the first version (so as not to delay the release), but everything interesting will be added to the bots.



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