Global change in project plans and objectives

Welcome dear traders.

This week, we completely revised our activities for the entire life of free trading bots. The results, to put it mildly, are not rosy – therefore, it is time to make global changes.

Prior to this, our main activity was to create universal products for traders, as well as scripts for optimizing parameters. But as practice shows, no one needs universal tools, and testing by traders is almost not carried out, and is not in demand. Traders need a finished product with ready-made settings.

Complex products with many settings are not needed by anyone (this is confirmed by trading volumes). And as you understand, the life of a project with free bots depends directly on whether traders trade or not – on pure enthusiasm, project will not last long. For this reason, we are completely changing the approach to requirements and development of bots.

Now we will focus on creating specific bots on specific strategies, and we will also provide our specific settings. The development will be different – we will find strategies, test them, and if the results are excellent, we will produce bots. Also, the bots will already have built-in settings, and of course, scripts for optimizing TSLab (if they still want to make tinctures for themselves).

Also, already at the study and on the tests there is another powerful strategy, built on the strings of the range. I will not write in more detail yet, as active improvements and optimizations are underway. But the full description is planned for the next week, and then – the creation of a bot.

Thus, we will create a portfolio of profitable bots, with different strategies – for general diversification and increase in profits. And by this, we will ensure transparency of trade, creating strategies monitoring.

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