Range scalper for Binance Spot

Greetings dear traders!

The development of the scalper bot for Binance spot is finished, you can see the video tutorial and read the description on the page with the bot.

Very powerful bot, when trading on the spot – it came out risk-free.
Earlier we had a vote on the type of bots. According to the results, we can confidently continue to develop desktop bots. But traders are interested in the web application and there will also be a solution for you – we have already started to get acquainted with the technology.

At the moment we are deciding whether to update the bot trading by TradingView signals or not. There are regular (but not mass) requests, so at the moment the question of relevance is on the agenda. Also, we are considering the possibility of running bots on “non-partner” accounts. But again, we must clarify whether it is worth spending time on this or not.

On both matters, if it is relevant to you – write in the comments. We will evaluate the relevance of the results of your activity.

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Sincerely, Cryptobot.cc team

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