Range Scalper Update for USDT-M Binance Futures

Range Scalper Update for USDT-M Binance Futures

Greetings dear traders!

We are pleased to inform you that the bot Range Scalper for USDT-M futures Binance is updated, now calculations work like clockwork and you can confidently start working!

Why first made for the exchange Binance, and not for a more powerful exchange FTX (on the potential – profit + diversification)? The fact that there was the largest number of requests for update on Binance. The next update will be for futures exchange FTX.

You can download the bot on the Binance Range Scalper page>>>

But, it is not without bad news. Exchange Binance severely limited the partnership program on futures (it is simply not profitable) – therefore, this is the last bot for Binance futures. Those bots, which are already available – will continue to be supported, but probably will not develop. This does not apply to Binance spot – nothing has changed for spot yet.

The main exchange for us remains FTX, and in second place is spot Binance (for the reason that many traders choose this exchange for themselves).

And now, the next bot is an update of the ranger-scalper for FTX futures. In order not to miss the release of the bot update subscribe to the Telegram channel and/or join the Telegram traders chat.

Sincerely, Cryptobot.cc team



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