The most common question is what bot do you recommend?


I often have to read posts with questions – What bot do you advise?, What bot is the best?, What bot is good for me? etc.

Let us tell you right away – we do not have a direct answer to these questions! Every trader should clearly know what he wants, what strategy to trade, what approach/risks/markets etc. We have a wide range of trading bots, but you have to find a strategy for yourself!

If you can’t decide – don’t be lazy to read how the bots trade, what their logic is – each of them has a description, detailed instructions and videos. Moreover – we have the best support and a community of experienced traders who help newbies. And this despite the fact that the bots are free!

Very important! A trading bot is not a “free money” button, despite the fact that the bot fully automates trading. Different times – different markets, different risks, etc., you still need to “tweak” something sometimes. Especially if the bot trades on futures, if it trades on spot, it’s no big deal – you can run it and forget about it (in terms of risk).

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