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Welcome to our project!

The project is made for all users faced with unreasonable pricing for paid software for automatic trading on a crypto exchange.
We also do not want to charge a monthly fee for the use of our products, which will be replenished.

The only option that fits both us and the users who are willing to make money from our bots, is a partner with the Binance Exchange.
You use our free bots, the exchange lists to us, part of the commission that you will pay the exchange for each transaction anyway.
Agree, this option is suitable for all parties.

Setting up free Binance bots. To start trading with the free Binance bot you need to create a new account on the exchange. Make sure you do not use any referral links and futures promo codes (even ours), otherwise the account will not be considered new, and the exchange may not verify it.

If you already have a trading account (which is not opened under an affiliate program) registered after July 15, 2020, you can also use it. The exchange will mark it as an affiliate one. As soon as the bot checks your account, you will get full access to the bot’s features.

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