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Order a Trading botFinancial markets offer good opportunities to preserve and grow one’s capital. However, in many cases, we face the fact that it is impossible to execute a strategy manually, and there are many reasons for this – the complexity of calculations and their frequency, the need for round-the-clock presence, the inability of people (in general) to follow trading rules unconditionally, mistakes arising from emotions, etc.

My point is that it is simply not possible to trade efficiently manually (unless it is a medium-term or long-term strategy). And that is why it is necessary to automate the strategy as much as possible to eliminate the human factor.

About my experience

About my experienceI’ve been programming trading bots since 2008 and started doing it professionally in 2016 (full-time). I have experience in developing trading algorithms on a wide variety of exchanges: stock markets, futures markets, options, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

I have written trading robots, indicators, scripts and filters for MetaTrader 5 (MQL5), MetaTrader 4 (MQL4), Interactive Brokers, ThinkOrSwim (thinkScript), QUIK (DDE+C#, LUA), ActiveTick, Fusion/Blackwood Pro, ROX, Sterling Trader, TradingView (Pine).

And of course, there is a huge experience in writing bots and other algorithmic trading products for crypto exchanges (more than a hundred bots for 25+ exchanges).

What I can offer

What I can offerAt the moment, I am exclusively involved in the creation of trading bots for crypto exchanges. First of all, I take orders for Bybit and OKX, but I can also take orders for other cryptocurrency exchanges.

I write trading bots for Windows so that they can work both on a local computer and on a remote server (VPS).

Trading bots and other products are created in Visual Studio C#.

How to order a trading bot

To order a trading bot, you should have a ready-made technical task. A technical task is a free-form document where you describe what actions the bot should perform. That is, how to open a position, how to close it, whether a take profit or stop loss is required, screenshots with examples, and everything else that is necessary for a full understanding of the strategy.

How to order a trading bot

The technical task should be complete and unambiguous, so you need to take a responsible approach to the technical task.

Next, I calculate the development time and cost. If the cost of the order is up to 5000 USD, there is a full prepayment for programming services. If the cost of the work is more than 5000 USD, the work is divided into stages, and there is a phased prepayment of services.

Payment for services is made in cryptocurrency (in stablecoins, USDT is preferred). However, if you wish, you can pay for services through an international bank payment (not for all countries, please check in advance). Payment through a bank is available for orders from $5000, and we draw up a development contract.

After the product is created, it is handed over to the customer. The product warranty is 30 calendar days, which is enough time to make sure that the product works without errors.

If any errors are found during the warranty period, I fix them for free, and the 30-day warranty is extended again. If you need an extended warranty or technical support, please indicate this in the technical task.

The source code is not included in the order by default. If you need the source code, please specify this in the technical task.

To order a trading bot or for other questions, please contact me>>>

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