Range Scalper Bot for FTX

Range Scalper Bot for FTXRange Scalper Trading Bot for FTX Futures Trading. It combines two strategies – an averaging strategy and a range trade. It makes Scalper Bot a very effective market tool.

How it works. The main goal of an averaging strategy is making purchases at the best prices (falling price) while averaging the average price of the position. In a scalping strategy when executing a buy order you can adjust the martingale coefficient for the volume, specify the number of levels of additional buy orders, the distance between additional buy orders, as well as the multiplier. All this in combination increases the efficiency of averaging – it improves the averaging strategy and makes it possible to resist even large drawdowns.

The second part of the strategy is that this range trading solves the biggest issue of averaging – staying long in the drawdown. Thanks to range trading at each additional purchase level the bot continues to generate profit while executing an averaging transaction. Another crucial property is that with each transaction in the rage trading the bot improves the average price of the position (in the range after the purchase, the bot sells the half of the position), which provides a faster exit from the full transaction when the specified take-profit indicator is triggered.

The third important part is risk management. The bot only trades to execute buy orders – this is due to the fact that the fall is limited to 100% (in reality the numbers are much more modest), but the growth can be hundreds of percent. Therefore, in order to prevent the bot from losing the deposit, the bot executes only buy orders.

Together all these factors give us a highly profitable strategy with controlled risks. The graph below shows what the trade looks like:

Range Scalper Bot for FTX

The bot has a wide range of settings which makes it possible to customize the bot for the best results and increase trading efficiency. More detailed information about the strategy and settings for Range Scalper Bot are described in the Manual as well as in the video below:


If you have any questions about the bot, you can always contact our Support Chat. There you can chat with other traders, discuss questions, exchange settings and learn about new products and updates just after the release.

This bot trades on our account with open monitoring (if you click on the link, you will see detailed information about trading, open and closed positions, etc.). The settings used in trading on this account are selected by our team and preset in the bot as basic settings.

Scalper Bot for FTX is completely autonomous (it requires only installation and configuration). You just need to enter keay and launch the bot (however, you can change settings). Trades are executed without manual intervention. Range Scalper Bot is fail-safe, which provides resistance to the Internet disconnection, connection issues with the exchange, etc. The bot is adapted for trading either using your computer or a remote server (Windows OS).


To start trading with free Scalper Bot for FTX, follow the link and download the archive (password is ‘algo’). Unpack all files from the archive to a folder, and launch the bot from there. Enter the API keys in the bot and launch it. As for the API keys, make sure trading operations must be enabled and funds withdrawal must be disabled for security reasons.

Account requirements. To access the bot, you must register using the project partner link https://ftx.com/#a=CryptoBotCC. After completing registration by partner link, to create keys, go to the page “External API Keys” select “AlgoTradingCC” from the list and create keys (regular API keys are not suitable). Using these keys, all our FTX bots (including this one) will be available to you.
When connecting, the bot independently checks the account whether it is available for free trade or not. Therefore, you do not need to contact support for permission, license, etc., just download, unpack, start and make a profit.



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