Stock Speculator UltraGrid Bot for Binance

Stock Speculator UltraGrid Bot for Binance

Stock speculator bot executes market orders using one of two strategies. The first one is a grid strategy with a wide range of settings. The second one is the range scalper strategy, which combines two strategies – a grid strategy and a range trade.

The grid bot strategy (or as familiar as a buyer or averager) is a classic of trade. In this bot there are ultra settings – in addition to the usual grid setting, in the bot for Binance you can specify such settings as the martingale coefficient, the purchase step multiplier, the method of entering the first grid deal. It is very important that the grid is not put up immediately, but in turn – this makes it possible to effectively use capital.

Range scalping strategy – consists of a synergistic combination of averaging strategy and range trading. The first part of the strategy is the grid bot, the logic described above. The second part of the strategy, the trade of the range, solves the largest problem of averaging – a long stay in a drawdown. Due to range trading at each level of procurement, being in the averaging transaction, the bot continues to generate profit. And the second important property – with each trade transaction in the bot range improves the average price of the position (in the post-purchase range, the bot sells half of the position), which provides a faster exit from the full trade on the tick profile.

If everything is clear with averaging, then the range scalping strategy looks like this:

Stock Speculator UltraGrid Bot for Binance

The trading bot is made for the Binance spot section not by chance. Spot has many advantages – you will not settle the account to zero (no shoulder and liquidations), no funding fee (since this is not a contract), a wider range of instruments (the number of instruments in futures is limited, and on spot are hundreds of instruments), the choice of the base currency (you can trade not only to USDT, as in futures, but also to BTC, ETH, etc. – and at the same time) and many other important advantages.

The exchange speculator for the Binance exchange is very easy to operate, even despite a wide range of settings. All merchant bot settings are described in the Operating Instructions. We also recommend that you read the video instruction for the bot, which describes both the settings and the details of the strategies themselves:


Stock Speculator UltraGrid Bot for Binance is absolutely FREE

To start trading with free Stock Speculator UltraGrid Bot for Binance, follow the link and download the archive (password is ‘algo’). Unpack all files from the archive to a folder, and launch the bot from there. Enter the API keys in the bot and launch it. As for the API keys, make sure trading operations must be enabled and funds withdrawal must be disabled for security reasons.

Account requirements. To access the trading bot, you need to register using this partner link After completing the registration via the partner link, you will have access to all our bots for Binance.

During the activation process the bot checks the account whether it is available for free trading or not. Therefore, there is no need to contact support for permissions, licenses, etc. Just download, unpack, launch and make a profit.



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